Domain Name Registration & Hosting: From £20 per annum

This price is for a  .coms and some others are slightly more.  We take care of renewals each year.

Standard Small Websites: Approx. £290

As a general rule a standard small website would be made up of a simple navigation with up to 5 categories for the navigation. The cost would include the domain name registration, hosting for a year & 1 or 2 e-mail addresses. Logos and most photographs to be supplied by the client. A few additional photographs taken by me on my initial visit could also be included. A simple navigation system would be designed with approximately 5 or 6 pages. Any animation would be limited to 1 or 2.


More complex Website: An estimate would be given prior to design but £500 to £700 would get you a really nice site.

Available improvements:

  • Drop down menus from naviagation
  • Additional pages
  • A more complex and graphic intensive navigation
  • Animated Graphics - several styles can be seen on this site
  • A photography session for photographs of your products or stock
  • Buying in Graphics and Photographs - usualy less the £3 each
  • A nice map or two
  • New logo and matching stationery
  • More e-mail addresses
  • A MySQL database (see below)
Setting up a MySql Database on your site:
initial set-up + £40 per annum hosting & management

So; you would like to have control of your product range including prices or a diary of events or an on-line availability calendar or a list of current second hand cars or even the contents of an on-line newsletter!

The design of your Database to include all tables, upload modules and training:
£20 per hour

The design of the database including relevant pages is normally a day's work.  
Training would normally be less than an hour.

I would be pleased to give you a no obligation quotation!


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